2cv6 Charleston

€ 11.500,-
Charleston Gris Nocturne/ Gris Cormoran
130.000 km

On March 6th, 1985, this 2CV made its first appearance on the road, joined by the accountant of its dealer in Huizen. This lady remained its owner for a few years, before trading it back to her boss.  With 20,000 km on the meter, this csr was as good as new.

Its second owner has driven 2CVs before, and when he saw this Charleston in the showroom, he fell in love and used his savings to buy it. He really cherished this 2CV. All weak spots he had noticed on his previous 2CVs were made rust-resistant, some parts were even disassembled for it. He kept repeating his treatments for years. The 2CV was used until 1995, after which it spent some time in a barn. At this time, the meter had counted 95,000 km.

Around 2010, it was recalled for active duty. It received some technical attention, some parts were renewed, including interior, roof, and some technique. Its drives were mainly recreational, which added about 40,000 km to its meter in the following years.

The great thing about this 2CV is that it is still so rust-free, thanks to its cherishing owners. A few spots have been redone, but we cannot really blame anyone – it shows this car has lived a good life, almost completely with one owner. Now, it is ready for a new adventure.

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