Sneak preview…

08 12 2018


25 11 2018

Voitures,etc. is our toyshop with automobile toys and related matters. Next to our ready-to-go stock in our showroom we also…

Hollands’ most beautiful museum, by Edwin Groen.

23 11 2018

It started in a barn, that got fuller and fuller. Then they were displayed in a former garage, so more…

Beautiful moments

20 11 2018

Opposite our garage you find garage de Zeemeeuw (the Seagull), a company specialised in British classic cars. The name finds…

Holiday 2018

25 07 2018

From July 26st until August 6st we’re closed. Sometimes one of us is working and can help with an emergency…

The lady among the Sahara’s, video Copy

09 05 2018

Watch the video on our Sahara No. 556 The lady among the Sahara’s. IIn January ’65, Mme. Peillon from St.…

The lady among the Sahara’s, video

05 05 2018

Watch the video on our Sahara No. 556 The lady among the Sahara’s. IIn January ’65, Mme. Peillon from St.…

2cv A ’50 Federspiel at Citromobile 2018

04 05 2018

Short after the war, Jean Federspiel placed antennas with ingenious technique on top of the Eiffel tower, in order to…

Promo-video 2cv4 Spécial

29 04 2018

Nice! The promotion video for our 2cv4 Spécial has already been made! I’m suddenly talking French, sorry for that… Klik…

2cvgarage Young Drivers Service

25 04 2018

We found this leaflet in our archive, with a very sympathetic offer. In ’80 Citroën Amsterdam introduced a service in…

Eendengarage 2.0

30 03 2018

We have moved! The last few months we’ve been really busy, and thus neglected our news section. Finally here’s an…

We want more 2cv’s!

05 08 2017

The last few months we’ve sold quite a lot and –due to the projects we’re doing- we haven’t had the…

2cv AZL ’55 Fernmist Green

30 05 2017

We found the 2cv of Thomson and Thompson! You probably read the comic, the Castafiore Emerald, one of Tintin’s adventures.…

la Grande Finale

28 01 2017

The start of a nice new project: the restoration of our last M35’s. Our Nouvelle Opération M35 started with 16…

Happy 2017

01 01 2017

2016 was a great year for us. Nice work, beautiful finds, kind customers with whom we figured out quite some…

2cv ’55 Slough

13 12 2016

Last weekend my son and I had a nice adventure. We found this 2cv on Facebook and were intrigued immediately:…

2cv in Africa (finale)

23 11 2016

Our man and woman in Africa (finale) Richard and Rosaly have already been captured by Dutch hectic daily life, after…


19 08 2016

In July we showed our newest barnfind, this 2cv in Rouge de Castille. Now it’s (almost) finished! The body has…

Vert Palmeraie at ICCCR

19 08 2016

We really enjoyed the ICCCR. Seen lots of nice cars, spoken to their proud owners and had a lot of…

2cvgarage at ICCCR 2016

11 08 2016

And where else would we be than… the ICCCR. And of course the weather will clear up soon!! Today Ruben…

Rouge de Castille

15 07 2016

2cv6 Spécial ’81 Rouge de Castille Deze week kregen we een mooie schuurvondst binnen; stilgestaan vanaf ’99, maar 49.000km, fraaie…

New Mehari’s

17 06 2016

Next to 2CVs, we also work on Meharis. With the same care and according to your personal taste. From maintenance…

33 ton 2cv-onderdelen

24 02 2016

33 ton 2cv-onderdelen, een eend weegt 560kg; daar kunnen we 58,9 eenden van bouwen! We hebben de inventaris van een…

A cheery bunch of cars in our workshop!

13 12 2015

A cheery bunch of cars in our workshop! (Almost) ready or just getting started, for cusomers in the US, Switzerland…

Another 2cv ready for delivery.

24 10 2015

Our costumer was looking for a really fresh color, which this Jaune Rialto certainly is!

Portrait AZU

08 10 2015

Roel is one of our enthusiastic clients. A while ago he had his AZU truckette portrayed by an artist. Enjoy…


03 10 2015

Throughout my career as Sander Aalderink’s wife I have naturally seen endless amounts of 2cvs come by. Each time I’m…

Filet Meharienne

26 09 2015

Today finally found some time to take the Mehari apart (that one that had been stored in a garage for…

Ducks at Ibiza

16 09 2015

Last week we visited our good friend Ramon of Ducks United Ibiza. Ramon has worked in our garage and started…

Should one compare old and new….?

02 09 2015

Let’s call it a generation gap!

Create your own 2cv

26 08 2015

Quite often we build 2cv’s to our clients specific wishes, mostly we stay quite near the original. But if you…

We love the wideness!!

22 08 2015

Our 2cvgarage started in June 2000 at the Eendrachtstraat 13c with 120 square meters. In 2002 another 120 meters were added…

Back from holidays

20 08 2015

Just returned from holidays and already back in business again! One Beige Colorado 2cv almost finished and one ready for…


01 08 2015

The first 15 days of August is our holiday period! We can be reached by email, but will probably respond…

New arrival

26 07 2015

Ami 6 Berline 01/’62 51.000km Blanc Carrare As original as it gets, more info soon.

For sale: Mehari hippie-style

19 07 2015

For sale: Mehari hippie-style…

New website

16 07 2015

To celebrate our 15th birthday, we gave ourselves a new website

Barn find

15 07 2015

This weeks barn find; an original Dutch Mehari.

Brand new 2cv

04 06 2015

Yesterday we picked up this brand new 2cv in Germany. Nooo, it really has no 1 in front of the…

Just back from the painter

30 05 2015

Just got this beauty in from the painter, Jaune Mimosa!!!! Oooohhwwww, I can hardly wait to get started on it!!!!!!

2cv SPOT

22 05 2015

Last year we finished our own 2cv4 SPOT, one of only 5 original Dutch registered cars surviving, it’s currently in…

Citromobile 2015, garage gesloten

02 05 2015

Dit weekend is er op Citromobile weer veel fraais en vrolijks te zien, en om die sfeer lekker vast te…

Citroën H ’54 Coccinelle

16 04 2015

Net binnen uit Zuid-Frankrijk, dus maar gauw wat foto’s om de vreugde te delen. Hij stond een uurtje voor ons…

Cross-eend ondersteboven

27 08 2014

Mijn oom Henk was, zoals ik al eerder geschreven heb, mede aanstichter van mijn eenden-liefde. Hij was altijd met eendjes…

Bouwpakket AK 400

21 06 2014

Dit bericht plaatsten we een tijdje geleden op Facebook, waarna het onwaarschijnlijk vaak bekeken en gedeeld werd: nu dus ook…

Next Generation!

18 06 2014

Laat ik eens de tevreden klant uithangen.